Back at the Ellington!!

Hi friends.... We haven't played the Ellington in a few months so we're really looking forward to it. Its always been a special gig for us. If your keen on coming down you can get tickets here

Since releasing the album and having such a overwhelming response to it, I stopped for a few months to rest (and play) winter is good for that. Now that its warming up the gigs start to roll in and the music will have a life of its own. Got some cool stuff coming up so drop by now and then to check it out.

Dave and I are heading to Sydney in January for a few gigs. Ill be posting about them with links as soon as everything is locked in. 

Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you at the Ellington on the 14th November. 


Nat. x 

THE ALBUM LAUNCH - WOW!!! I'm still coming DOWN!!!

It was a fantastic night. It was so wonderful and overwhelming I can hardly remember it!! What I did feel from the beginning to the end though was.... LOVE, coming from everywhere! My family, the band, the audience, the music, the venue and my 4 year old nephew who couldn't take his eyes of me ( I was his favourite adult over the next few days) It was a joyous occasion shared with all my friends and family who have seen me and loved me through an interesting couple of years. If you're wanting to know more about the "COURAGE TO LOVE"....  BUY MY ALBUM! now available from the store page. 


New launch date - 17th and 18th April @ The Fremantle Arts Centre

It’s come to my attention (thanks FAC) that I haven’t updated my blog in a while and that people have started to enquire as to booking tickets for the launch on 14th Feb, BUT we’ve moved the date to Sat 18th April (with the 17th also available if we sell out) as we weren’t quite ready to release it. I’m sorry for the inconvenience people (and for being slack) I’m hoping you’re all able to make the launch on the 18th April at the Fremantle Arts Centre.

The reason I’ve been so distracted and forgot all about the launch date is I’ve been savoring every moment of the making of this album. This process has filled me with joy for the last two years and we’re just about at the end of it. After that we hand it over to you guys.

The album is sounding beautiful and I’m beyond happy with it. The love and commitment of the players we invited to be involved is heard from the start to the finish. I'm very chuffed to have the legendary Ian Moss playing on the album. He was so generous and enthusiastic and played his butt off. We all loved watching him work. I’ve just finished all the vocals. All went down very smoothly with not too much self doubt at all. 

I can’t even begin to talk about the work of Dave Brewer. I tear up every time. He’s just unbelievable! Great musician, wonderful producer and dear friend. Ill save the rest for the liner notes. Working with Pete Grandison of Shanghai Twang studios has also been a bloody blessing. He's great to work with and I recommend anyone looking for a studio/engineer to get in touch.

 Right now a couple of tunes are being mixed by the great Greg J Walker (Paul Kelly) and we should have them back by then end of the week…. exciting!!! After that we go in for the final mix and master, finalize all the artwork etc. And start promotion and publicity eeeekkk (my least favorite part of the gig).

So my friends that’s the latest update. Hope to see you all on the 18th (maybe 17th) and let me share the joy with you.

Oh and there are a few shows coming up. You'll find details on the show page. 

See ya friends. x


Here we are

We're into day three of recording Journey Woman.... and we're having a blast. The band consists of Dave Brewer of course, Ric Eastman and Vito Portolesi. Day one was supposed to be a rehearsal day but as it happened Pete Grandison (engineer extraordinaire and Shanghai Twang Studio owner) turned the mics on and magic happened. We finished 15 rhythm tracks in 2 days. An unbelievable effort! We still had plenty of time to sit around telling tales, drink copious amounts of coffee and to gorge on gourmet delights that my Ma lovingly made. We even had to put the bass player back on the plane to Sydney a day early. Day three we recorded all the  acoustic overdubs. We got the wonderful Howie Morgan to play on a few tunes. He nailed it in an hour and we had lunch. Next weekend we have the pleasure of working with Ben Franz. He just happens to be in Perth starting rehearsals for the upcoming Waifs tour. We've got him on four tracks playing his beloved double bass. Can't wait for that!! 

At the end of the month boys and I are heading to Bali to do the support for our friend and legend Ian Moss. Looking forward to a rippa gig and a very relaxing time by the pool which is by the cliff!! 

In the middle of November we'll continue recording all the other parts including the long and emotional process of the vocals. I'm so happy with what we've done so far. 


SAVE THE DATES - 13th & 14th Feb 2015

So the album is coming along nicely with the inevitable hiccups here and there, but its beautiful how nothing seems to bother you whilst creating. Last week I did a pretty cool photo shoot for the cover of the album. We shot a few different looks to try to capture the feel of what this album is about. It was exhausting, exhilarating and emotional. Thank god I was working with some of the greatest creatives in this town (see pictures of these beauties below) In the end we got it!! Now onto the graphic designers to do their magic. 

Our recording date has been pushed back due to some unforeseen circumstances. To be honest though I'm quite happy about it, the more time I have with these songs and creating this record the better. As of now we have booked 2 nights at the Fremantle Arts Centre Perth for the launch. February 13th and 14th 2015 so save the date people!!! Still locking in the dates for Sydney and Melbourne. We might be doing a few special supports for a couple of my favourite artists. All this is yet to be confirmed so fingers crossed!

The boys and I are however supporting one of our favourite rockers in Bali. On November 4th Ian Moss from Cold Chisel and myself will be playing a outdoor gig in the heart of Changgu. It's going to be a blast. We love this man. We're spending 7 nights (with partners) in a stunning resort in Uluwatu to rehearse, eat, sleep and swim before rocking the island with some deep, funky, soul- blues! We're calling it "The Romantic Rock Tour" If you're in Bali at this time and want to come please make sure to get tickets early as it's definitely going to sell out. 

I'll fill you in with all the Saucy Little Secret news in my next post. 

Until next time people, lots of love


With a little support from our friends

Hi friends

The fundraiser at the Ellington a few weeks ago was a smash!! We had an awesome audience who participated perfectly and who quickly became fans of the show. We have less than a month to go of our pozible campaign and are just over half way there in dosh!!! If you happen to love cabaret theatre and are interested in supporting this fabulous show please give generously.

A Saucy Little Secret is a powerful piece of cabaret theatre by Perth based Melanie Bainbridge, following the lives of five strong women whose music and attitudes influenced the development of modern blues, queer lifestyle and racial tolerance.


Gigs, fundraisers & launches

Hi guys... it's been a while. Just wanted to quickly let you know of two rippa gigs happening this week both at the Ellington Jazz Club.

On Thursday I'm playing a soul, blues, country gig with some of my favourite musos in Perth. We've played this gig a few times now to rave reviews. Here are the details;

And on Friday a very important gig for us Saucy cast and crew. We've been invited to the Sydney and Melbourne fringe festivals but have no money!! So to raise the funds we're putting on a fundraiser. Here are the booking details;

If you can't make the gig maybe you would like to help anyway. We have a pozible campaign going on and here's the link 

Just a quick note on the album folks... we start recording on the 1st September woohoo!!! Planing the launch in November and fingers crossed the weather is perfect for a spectacular outdoor party. The songs are sounding so beautiful. I'm loving playing them in my car and catching them floating around my head and wondering what's that tune? oh its mine!! The creative process of this little album has been extraordinary. Im now looking into all the other details like graphic designers, photographers etc and its SO much fun. Stay tuned friends I can't wait to share it with you. 

 Please check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for MORE!!

Loving you X

A Journey Woman travels


Super excited the boys and I have been invited to play a gig in BALI!!!! Apart from rocking their socks off, we'll also have time to chill and explore one of my favourite places on earth.   

The day after we get back I'm off to Sydney to do some more writing and to tweak a few of the new tunes with some song writing heavies. The album is sounding beautiful and I haven’t been able to stop listening to the tunes Dave and I have demoed so far and, according to Dave's mum, they're beaut! The album is coming together people, wooo hooo!

From there I'm heading to Hawaii for a great big adventure…that’s all I’m going to say for now. ; )

Don't forget to get your tickets for The Retro Rumble at the State Theatre Centre’s Studio Underground. 11 Bands, 10 Hours of non-stop retro music for you’re listening & dancing pleasure. There’ll be music flying everywhere!! I’m very much looking forward to hearing Lady Voodoo but equally looking forward to them hearing us!!! (The competitive spirit in me is rearing it’s rather attractive head hehe), and headlining the night will be the great Mojo Juju

An update on A Saucy Little Secrets’ journey, we’ve been invited to perform at Sydney Mardi Gras next year. We’ll be bringing the show to The Blue Beat (love the name) in Double Bay. So stay tuned Sydo., can’t wait for this…

The band and I will be at the Ellington on Friday 13th of December where we will be road testing some of the new tunes!!! Excitement! Love to see you down there.

Thats all for now folks

Loving you. X


nat g.jpg

I love my job (life)

So I’ve been having a blast over the last couple of months…. nicely consumed by music, food and love off course!

I’ve been getting right into instagram and twitter hence the reason I haven’t blogged in a while. Taking pictures, tweaking them and uploading is fast and very satisfying. Links below.

So what’s been going on?  Well, the most joyful moments lately have been recording the demos for my next album. I’ve been writing constantly over the last 9 months or so resulting in 18 tunes and hundreds of dollars saved on therapy.  Co-writing with some of my nearest and dearest pals has been a spiritual experience to say the least. Some of the tunes have been born in minutes and some we have laboured over for weeks.  But all eventually coming togother in a bunch of songs that are very personal, soulful and beautiful (to me).  We’ve  been savouring every moment of this creative feast.  God I love my job (life). Oh and we should be gigging the new songs shortly.

The Melbourne and Perth run of A Saucy Little Secret was a great success with interest coming in from interstate and possibly internationally! I have to say working with that mob of beautiful  women (and the handsome band) was awesome. HMS Pop up Productions aka Mel Bainbridge, Harry Deluxe and Erin  Fuery are incredibly talented and organised and can basically make good things happen. The band and I are looking forward to a Rumble in the Underground  (another one of their mega productions),  on the 23rd November in Theatre Underground STCWA, come along this is going to be a hoot!!!

I did a fun little gig recently for some girlfriends of mine, who are walking 100kms in 48hrs to raise money for OxfamThe Sole Mamas organised an 80’s themed fundraiser. The whole night was hilarious.  We spent more time in hair and make-up  than we did on stage. Most of the crowd were in their 40’s, and were completely comfortable reliving some of the greatest musical and fashionable moments of their lives.  It was a pleasure to rock the stage with Mama Kin, Anna Wallwork and Stella Cain.  

If you want to donate go to; 

And lastly, I went to see Conversations with Ghosts by Paul Kelly and James Ledger at the Perth Concert Hall the other night. It was mind blowingly beautiful. I had never heard anything like it. The compositions and lyrics were breathtaking!  Do yourself a favour and buy the CD or better still see the gig next time it tours.

Thanks for stopping by my friends 

Loving you x



A Saucy Little Secret returns to the Ellington

Just a little reminder that A Saucy Little Secret is still scandalizing Perth all this week. This season has been awesome. It would be a shame for you to miss it. Click on the link below for tickets.


Nat aka Sweet Mama Stringbean X

HMS PopUp Productions’ A Saucy Little Secret is a masterful piece of cabaret theatre by Melanie Bainbridge, following the lives of five strong women whose music and attitudes influenced the development of modern blues, queer lifestyle and racial tolerance. 

Famous not only for their music, but also for their progressive and alternative attitudes to sexuality, race issues and relationships, Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith, Gladys Bentley, Ethel Waters and Alberta Hunter, all broke into the music scene through the buffet flats and rent houses of Harlem, but rose to be successful and wealthy recording artists in their own right. 

This short but spectacular era, later known as The "Harlem Renaissance" is where our story unfolds. It tells the tales of five unstoppable women whose tenacity and passion for music and public life allowed them to transcend childhoods marred by rape, abuse and desperate poverty and to ascend to great heights, as black blues queens in a white, well-heeled world. 

Five of Australia’s premier jazz, soul and blues musicians and tremendous actors come together to share their untold stories. Libby Hammer, Ofa Fotu (aka Odette Mercy), Natalie Gillespie, Di Shaw and Harry Deluxe set the stage on fire in this sexy, sassy show. Magnus Danger Magnus is delicious as the devilish MC. 

Backed by a ballsy blues band of Perth’s finest musicians, and set against a projected set of beautifully drawn artistic renditions of 1920’s Harlem, this show is a must-see for lovers of blues music, theatre and blues history. Audiences should come willing to have their funny-bones tickled, their heartstrings tugged and their cheeks kissed by some of the sauciest performers in the country. 

The special event invites audience members to immerse themselves in the decadent spirit of the Harlem Renaissance by dressing up in black and white, 1920’s style and joining us for the rent party to end all rent parties. 

Fresh from the Melbourne Cabaret Festival A Saucy Little Secret is returning to The Ellington Jazz Club for a second season between July 28th and August 11th 2013.


Yolngu Man

Well it’s been an interesting month or so….from celebrating a significant birthday and all that comes with that to the loss of a dear friend.

My friend was Australian of the year in 1992. He was a husband and a father to 6 daughters, he was the lead singer and songwriter of Yothu Yindi, he was an educator, and much more…he was a strong Yolngu man who was at one with everything, including me.

When I joined Yothu Yindi in1992, somewhere near Schenectady New York (yes a rather strange place to be joining an aboriginal band) my friend greeted me with not a lot of words, but with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on anyone, ever!!....I felt I had known him my whole life and that he knew me. What I came to know, was that there was nothing to know. It is/was connection, acceptance, love and an understanding of the oneness with everyone and everything. And that is why I loved every minute I spent with him and that band.

My friend had a profound effect on my life. He once said to me that I have a story to tell, a story that is buried deep inside me and when I find the courage to tell my story, I will find my voice and I will find me, then I will feel at one and at peace.

I strangely feel closer to my friend now that he has passed away…. and I am so grateful to have spent the time I did with him and the Yolngu people.  I am forever reminded to keep telling my story.

I’m excited to be heading up to Bali this week for the annual catch up with the spiritual crazies from around the globe. Then a little down time to get stuck into my script and work on my all over tan!!

The boys and I have a gig at the Ellington on Friday 28th.. Really looking forward to that one. Although I haven’t heard back from walk about Roy!! Hello you out there mister?

And then… The Saucy’s are hitting Melbourne town!! The land of beards, tasty coffee and The Melbourne Cabaret Festival!! If you are in town please come and see the show it’s really great!!

Tickets available direct from the 86, 185 Smith St, Fitzroy

The Ellington season in Perth is selling fast so get your tickets now.

Lastly, thank you for all the birthday wishes and for the condolence messages. You all knew how much he meant to me. I really appreciated it.

Loving you X


Ethel Waters.jpg

Sweet Mama Stingbean... thats me!!

Hello my friends

Firstly thank you for stopping by and secondly sorry I haven’t blogged for a while. I've been immersed in a life of writing, fooding (i know its not a word it just sounds better than eating), traveling and loving. The album is coming along nicely with lots of help from my friends. We’re starting to demo the new songs in the next few weeks. Im very excited about this album as I have loved the process of writing it. I truly am a journey woman. 

I’m also delving deeply into my character Ethel Waters aka Sweet Mama String Bean in A Saucy Little Secret. She is sassy, strong, intelligent and very talented. She is also a survivor of a hideous up bringing and a prejudice community. Although our lives are not completely parallel I can certainly empathise with the struggle for identity and an aching to perform as a way of expression and healing. Telling her story moves me. The Melbourne Cabaret Festival is going to be a blast!! Still locking in the final details for Sydney but Ill keep you posted. The Ellington Perth dates are July 28th through to August 9th. Get your tickets early.

Saturday 11th May 7:30pm at the Fremantle Workers Club my friend David Hyams is releasing his 4th album Travelling Bones. I was happy to help with backing vocals on the CD and will be joining him on stage along with a smoking band. See the flyer below. 

Congratulations to Steve Clisby and Mitchelle Anderson two good friends of mine who recently battled together on The Voice. I was away and I wasn’t able to see the performance until just recently. I couldn’t hold back tears of joy. The boys cut through all the bullshit of commercial TV and touched many hearts. Such great soul singer’s rich in experience, humility and love. Please support artists like these, as they are the real deal!!!

Bye for now friends

Loving you. X


travelling bones launch poster small-1.jpg

Make somebody happy

Hey blog lovers,

Just a quickie,

I’m playing the Ellington tonight with the great Elliot Smith (the Australian drummer alive and kicking!!!). Mr Eastman has a previous engagement with the Zydacats. I’ve played with Elliot a few times in the past he has a beautiful feel. Elliot plays in Perth’s indi pop band China Doll.

Tomorrow night is Dave Brewer’s album launch at the Fremantle Arts Centre 7pm. We had a rehearsal a few nights ago and the band is sounding awesome. It’s going to be a beautiful night. I’ve loved being involved in this album. He’s also doing a North of the river launch at the Blues Club in North Perth on Tuesday night if you can’t make it tomorrow. Making plans for a launch in Sydney as well. 

Also very happy to report A Saucy Little Secret is touring!!!  We’re heading to Sydney and Melbourne with another season in Perth at the Ellington. I’ve missed my role (friend) as Ms Ethel Waters and look forward to bringing her incredible and inspiring story to life again. We start rehearsals next week. I’ll keep you all informed as to dates.

I got to hang out with this mob recently. They are generous, spiritual and loving human beings. And listen to the music they make!!! Lets have a dance people.

Now what to wear?

Loving you. X

Lunch date @ Central Park (the Perth one) this Friday.

I had the pleasure of seeing a couple of rocking gigs last week and have come away enthused and motivated to keep making music on all levels. Thank you.

We played the Fremantle Arts Centre on Sunday which was perfect as I was busting to play some new tunes and belt out some of the oldies. The boys played their asses off and Dave’s new tunes went down really well. The place was packed with smiling faces. I could feel we were doing something right. A special thanks to a little munchkin named Jonas who danced like no one was watching and had the spirit of an old wise man. He lit up the park with his magical moves. I couldn’t take my eyes of him and he couldn’t take his eyes of me. A wonderful connection was made.  

I got together today with a good friend. We came up with some nice song ideas. There was this one particular idea that really moved me. To me the lyric and melody are beautiful. I know already I'll always love singing this song. 

I was disappointed to be missing this years West Coast Blues & Roots Festival and it's stellar line-up as I'll be away. But as luck would have it an old touring friend of mine has offered me tickets to Santana and the Steve Miller Band in Sydney. I have also snagged a one day pass to the Byron Bay Bluesfest to see.... wait for it!!! Michael Kiwanuka, Mavis Staples, Tony Joe White, Bonnie Raitt, Paul Simon and Wilco. This Journey Women is very grateful!!   

We still haven’t got the dates locked in for the acoustic gigs in Sydney (sooo disorganised). I’ll post them as soon as I know what’s happening.

If you happen to be in the CBD (Perth) the boys and I will be playing this Friday 12:15 - 1:15 in Central Park (Perth).

Also don't forget Dave Brewers album launch is on Saturday 13th April 7-10pm at the Fremantle Arts Centre. It’s going to be an awesome night but get your tickets now as I think it’s nearly sold out! (See flyer below)

So friends thank you for stopping by. 

Love Nat x

Brother Howie Morgan has got me loving this guy and JJ Johnson on drums!!!

DB poster.jpg

Freo Arts Centre this Sunday 2-4!!


I've been spending sometime in the south west of WA lately and have been wonderfully inspired on many levels. To be in the zone of making music right now is a godsend. I'm really happy with what I'm hearing and am loving the process. Can't wait to make this album and share it with you.

Looking forward to another couple of writing sessions this week with some songwriters I very much admire. The boys and I are playing the Fremantle Arts Center this Sunday between 2-4 in the courtyard. Bring a picnic and find a spot under the shady trees.

I'm very excited to be heading over to Sydney towards the end of the month. While I'm there I'll be hooking up with a few songwriters and musicians to see what we can come up with. Hopefully doing a couple of acoustic gigs as well  (stay tuned). Also there are some very cool gigs  I'd like to get to. The rest of the time I'll be hanging out with great mates and doing some serious dining. Sydney is another home town for me and looking forward to discovering it all over again. 

Thanks guys

Love Nat. X

PS I'm obsessed with this band at the moment and drawing much inspiration. The incredible Daniel Lanois collaborates with Trixie Whitley (unbelievable voice), Brian Blade (one of my heros) and Daryl Johnson (smooth). Come to think of it I love anything Daniel Lanois touches. Hope you like it. X

A week in the life of music

Hi people,

Thank you to all who came to the gigs over the weekend. I hope you enjoyed yourselves. It was just what I needed. As usual the band were on fire and completely lit me up. Im so grateful for what I get to do. 

The week ahead is looking very cool indeed. On Tuesday I'm back in the studio with Dave Brewer to record some more vocals on his album and looking forward to a good nosh. Wednesday I'm doing a benefit gig with a great bunch of guys. It's sure to be a moving celebration of a wonderful woman's fight for life (details below). And Thursday I'm doing my first writing session with one of my favourite songwriters (insert huge smile here).  Ill let you know how it goes!! 

Thanks for stopping by friends have a great week. 

Love to you


The Ellington - 22nd Feb

Hello friends

Sitting here patiently in the studio while the acoustic guitar parts are recorded over and over!!!! is a good opportunity for me to remind all Perth peeps that  Dave Brewer, Ric Eastman, Roy Martinez  and myself will be playing The Ellington this coming Friday 22nd 8pm. We love this venue. There's always a wonderful connection between the band and audience. We're also road testing some new tunes YIPPEE!!! About bloody time!

Tables are sold out but still standing/dancing room available.

Tones of love from the bowels of Shanghai Twang

Nat x


Dave Brewer's curry be-cider experience

My beautiful friend Dave Brewer is recording his next album and I was very excited to be called in to sing on it. 

We spent three days laughing, storytelling, eating and eventually recording the songs at Shanghai Twang Studios. With Ric Eastman on drums (yum) Wayne Freer on basses (badass) and the calming presents of Pete Grandison engineering most of the tunes were recorded live and in one take!!!  Finishing way before schedule. The talented Mr Clayton Doley will be recording his hammond parts in Sydney and Mr Lucky Oceans will  be sprinkling some of his magic over it also. More vocals are to be recorded over the next few weeks. The tunes are sounding really sweet and I can't wait to hear the final mixes.

PS Dave can also cook an mean curry!! And provided sustenance and cider (for my friends) through out the sessions. Thank you. 

Dave Brewers album launch will be at The Fremantle Arts Centre Sat 13th April 7pm