Ok down to business!

One thing this creative tends to shy away from is anything to do with planning and goal setting. But with a little help from my friends this year is getting off to a good start. Armed with my trusty iPad  we are off to the Uma (Ubud) for our first brainstorming session.

First we came up with some core values. How does positive, joyful, creative, collaborative, diverse, authentic, generous, fearless and passionate with a capital "P" sound? 

We have an album to write, record, release and promote this year. This will be the main focus along with lots of gigs of course to road test the new tunes on you guys.

Bye for now people.

Nat x

PS any comments, business tips or a humble like would be very much appreciated. X

The beautiful Uma Ubud.

A lifetime ago

Watching the ARIA awards a few weeks ago and seeing the mighty Yothu Yindi deservingly welcomed into the Hall of Fame I was reminded of an amazing chapter in my life. Once upon a time a certain brash young singer from Subiaco with stars in her eyes and no money in her pockets ventured to L.A to be part of the “Wizards of Oz” showcase. This was a government initiative to promote Aussie bands to the huge American market. I was there with Martin Plaza (Mentals)and the sadly deceased and incredibly talented James Freud (Models) as part of Beatfish.

Before I could say “I just met Tina Arena” I was offered a contract to join Yothu Yindi who were just starting to break worldwide on the back of the massive success of the song Treaty. So began an amazing journey around the world playing on some of the world’s biggest stages. Sometimes when it all seems like a dream I check out this clip and it all comes flooding back. Thanks you Yothu’s and also thank you to all you honest, taxpaying Aussies who got me to LA in the first place!

Dance with me beautiful people!!!!       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQV-N7xuKQY  

Howdee people

One of the great joys of being a musician is the chance to collaborate with some amazingly talented people. Armed with some new lyrics and a spring in my step I’m off to catch up with my friend David Hyams to work on some new tunes. David has a long musical history and can pretty much play anything that has strings on it! It would take me a couple of days to get through a bio for David. Maybe best if you pop over to http://www.milestogo.com.au/about_miles-to-go-band.php  and check it out. I can still remember (vaguely!) some awesome gigs at the now defunct Ozone bar in Northbridge where David’s band “Devils on Horseback” managed to pack the house with their high energy folk.

Looking forward to the Beaufort Street festival on the 17th of November, great to do a gig that represents my hood (Mt Lawley) and also my favourite venue, The Ellington. Hope to see you there!  Love-Nat

Time to shake things up!

Time to shake things up!

Hello good people, things are on the move! It’s time to freshen up the set list and get working on some new material. As a musician it’s easy to fall into the habit of doing the same old set list, those old songs are as comfortable as your favourite trackies and ugg boots! With summer approaching and some great gigs on the horizon I’ve started working on some new material and also looking through the archives for some classic covers to bring into the light of day.

I had the pleasure of hanging with my old friend Dave Brewer who’s also been working on some new songs. It gave me the chance to jump behind the drum kit and test out my seriously rusty skills! Dave is an amazing guitarist and songwriter with an impressive pedigree, definitely a hidden gem in my opinion. Check out his stuff at http://www.myspace.com/davebrewermusic 

Looking forward to rocking the Beaufort Street Festival on the 17th of November on the Ellington stage, come down and check out some new songs.

Bring on summer!!!  

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Hello friends and family,

Finally the sun has come back to shine on us fair( and not so fair!) citizens of Perth! The return of the sun has kicked me into gear with a great line up of gigs coming up in next couple of months. On Saturdays it’s the Blues and Roots day at Kings Park. http://www.bgpa.wa.gov.au/index.php?option=com_eventlist&view=details&id=870&Itemid=370

I’m grateful to get to play with the amazing Lucky Oceans and of course my usual awesome band buddies Dave Brewer, Ric Eastman and Roy Martinez  will be helping out. Oh and occasionally the incredible Mr Ben Vanderwal. These guys are phenomenal musicians! If success was based on talent these guys would be getting around in stretch limos not schlepping their gear around with me. A career in music is a harsh mistress!!

Next Sunday (7th October) I get to hang out with the super cool Howie Morgan. Howie’s laid back style belies his serious talent; beautiful man, beautiful music. As soon as I know where the gig is I’ll tell you. Ring me Howie!!

It’s also time to give the set list a bit of a shake up and I’m reworking a great track from the late James Freud, a band buddy of mine from the early 90’s ( I was 8 at the time!). Its achingly beautiful and needs to be heard again.

See you soon wonderful people. Peace and love-Nat.


Well, after weeks of crapping myself the lines are finally starting to sink in! I’m looking forward to opening night for the debut season of “A Saucy Little Secret” with a mixture of nervous anticipation and growing excitement. Playing Ethel Waters a brown skinned, sassy and sexy songstress isn’t too much of a stretch for me (my boyfriend wrote that) but memorizing the 15-minute monologue and three blues tunes was a different matter!

Feeling relatively confidant now and can’t wait to see my fellow musicians rip up the stage. The beautiful Odette Mercy who plays the tuxedo clad “Gladys Bently” is wonderful and has become a lovely friend. Libby Hammer as the ballsy “Bessie Smith” is a bloody hoot and she loves to have a bit of an “act”. All the girls are doing a great job in portraying these extraordinary strong women. It’s been a privilege to get inside the lives of these women and at times identifying with them.

If you haven’t already got tickets get over to http://www.ellingtonjazz.com.au/index.php/schedule/month/08/show/1977 and grab yourself a table and feel free to dress up 1920’s style and become apart of this decadent Harlem Renaissance era.

It’s been great seeing such an amazing production coming together in little old Perth!

Hopefully some new developments on the website soon!

Peace and love-Natalie


Well, I didn’t really go away but I must say that over the last few years music has taken a close second as I took some time out to travel the world, get a little older and wiser, buy more shoes and fall in love. (not necessarily in that order!!)

In recent months the fire to create and share music has come back strongly and I’m excited to be starting work on some new songs and also collaborate on some other projects. The big one at the moment is an amazing production called Saucy Little Secrets http://www.watoday.com.au/entertainment/about-town/ellingtons-saucy-little-secret-20120627-2125t.html  where I get to play the sassy and sexy Ethel Waters.  This has been an incredibly challenging experience and a definite step outside my comfort zone. Learning and performing a 15 minute monologue has been a little daunting but things are going well and it’s an honour to play the role and share the stage with some of Perth’s best songstresses.  This production is world class, hope to see you there!

Once that finishes it will be time to update my website and start working on a new album, can’t wait! I’m going to try to keep you updated on gigs and general happenings via this blog until the new site is up and running.

Thank you to all my beautiful friends and family who have supported me throughout my life and career, looking forward to seeing you at a gig soon!