Sweet Mama Stingbean... thats me!!

Hello my friends

Firstly thank you for stopping by and secondly sorry I haven’t blogged for a while. I've been immersed in a life of writing, fooding (i know its not a word it just sounds better than eating), traveling and loving. The album is coming along nicely with lots of help from my friends. We’re starting to demo the new songs in the next few weeks. Im very excited about this album as I have loved the process of writing it. I truly am a journey woman. 

I’m also delving deeply into my character Ethel Waters aka Sweet Mama String Bean in A Saucy Little Secret. She is sassy, strong, intelligent and very talented. She is also a survivor of a hideous up bringing and a prejudice community. Although our lives are not completely parallel I can certainly empathise with the struggle for identity and an aching to perform as a way of expression and healing. Telling her story moves me. The Melbourne Cabaret Festival is going to be a blast!! http://melbournecabaret.com Still locking in the final details for Sydney but Ill keep you posted. The Ellington Perth dates are July 28th through to August 9th. Get your tickets early.

Saturday 11th May 7:30pm at the Fremantle Workers Club my friend David Hyams is releasing his 4th album Travelling Bones. I was happy to help with backing vocals on the CD and will be joining him on stage along with a smoking band. See the flyer below. 

Congratulations to Steve Clisby and Mitchelle Anderson two good friends of mine who recently battled together on The Voice. I was away and I wasn’t able to see the performance until just recently. I couldn’t hold back tears of joy. The boys cut through all the bullshit of commercial TV and touched many hearts. Such great soul singer’s rich in experience, humility and love. Please support artists like these, as they are the real deal!!! http://www.thevoice.com.au/video.html#/videos/Week_4/TheVoice_AU_s02_Ep13_clip1506_2092

Bye for now friends

Loving you. X


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