A Journey Woman travels


Super excited the boys and I have been invited to play a gig in BALI!!!! Apart from rocking their socks off, we'll also have time to chill and explore one of my favourite places on earth.   

The day after we get back I'm off to Sydney to do some more writing and to tweak a few of the new tunes with some song writing heavies. The album is sounding beautiful and I haven’t been able to stop listening to the tunes Dave and I have demoed so far and, according to Dave's mum, they're beaut! The album is coming together people, wooo hooo!

From there I'm heading to Hawaii for a great big adventure…that’s all I’m going to say for now. ; )

Don't forget to get your tickets for The Retro Rumble at the State Theatre Centre’s Studio Underground. 11 Bands, 10 Hours of non-stop retro music for you’re listening & dancing pleasure. There’ll be music flying everywhere!! I’m very much looking forward to hearing Lady Voodoo but equally looking forward to them hearing us!!! (The competitive spirit in me is rearing it’s rather attractive head hehe), and headlining the night will be the great Mojo Juju http://theretrorumble.com.au/

An update on A Saucy Little Secrets’ journey, we’ve been invited to perform at Sydney Mardi Gras next year. We’ll be bringing the show to The Blue Beat (love the name) in Double Bay. So stay tuned Sydo., can’t wait for this…

The band and I will be at the Ellington on Friday 13th of December where we will be road testing some of the new tunes!!! Excitement! Love to see you down there.

Thats all for now folks

Loving you. X


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