Yolngu Man

Well it’s been an interesting month or so….from celebrating a significant birthday and all that comes with that to the loss of a dear friend.

My friend was Australian of the year in 1992. He was a husband and a father to 6 daughters, he was the lead singer and songwriter of Yothu Yindi, he was an educator, and much more…he was a strong Yolngu man who was at one with everything, including me.

When I joined Yothu Yindi in1992, somewhere near Schenectady New York (yes a rather strange place to be joining an aboriginal band) my friend greeted me with not a lot of words, but with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on anyone, ever!!....I felt I had known him my whole life and that he knew me. What I came to know, was that there was nothing to know. It is/was connection, acceptance, love and an understanding of the oneness with everyone and everything. And that is why I loved every minute I spent with him and that band.

My friend had a profound effect on my life. He once said to me that I have a story to tell, a story that is buried deep inside me and when I find the courage to tell my story, I will find my voice and I will find me, then I will feel at one and at peace.

I strangely feel closer to my friend now that he has passed away…. and I am so grateful to have spent the time I did with him and the Yolngu people.  I am forever reminded to keep telling my story.

I’m excited to be heading up to Bali this week for the annual catch up with the spiritual crazies from around the globe. Then a little down time to get stuck into my script and work on my all over tan!!

The boys and I have a gig at the Ellington on Friday 28th.. Really looking forward to that one. Although I haven’t heard back from walk about Roy!! Hello you out there mister?

And then… The Saucy’s are hitting Melbourne town!! The land of beards, tasty coffee and The Melbourne Cabaret Festival!! If you are in town please come and see the show it’s really great!!

Tickets available direct from the 86, 185 Smith St, Fitzroy http://www.the86.com.au/MelbCabaretFest.html

The Ellington season in Perth is selling fast so get your tickets now. http://www.ellingtonjazz.com.au/index.php/schedule/month/07

Lastly, thank you for all the birthday wishes and for the condolence messages. You all knew how much he meant to me. I really appreciated it.

Loving you X


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