I love my job (life)

So I’ve been having a blast over the last couple of months…. nicely consumed by music, food and love off course!

I’ve been getting right into instagram and twitter hence the reason I haven’t blogged in a while. Taking pictures, tweaking them and uploading is fast and very satisfying. Links below.

So what’s been going on?  Well, the most joyful moments lately have been recording the demos for my next album. I’ve been writing constantly over the last 9 months or so resulting in 18 tunes and hundreds of dollars saved on therapy.  Co-writing with some of my nearest and dearest pals has been a spiritual experience to say the least. Some of the tunes have been born in minutes and some we have laboured over for weeks.  But all eventually coming togother in a bunch of songs that are very personal, soulful and beautiful (to me).  We’ve  been savouring every moment of this creative feast.  God I love my job (life). Oh and we should be gigging the new songs shortly.

The Melbourne and Perth run of A Saucy Little Secret was a great success with interest coming in from interstate and possibly internationally! I have to say working with that mob of beautiful  women (and the handsome band) was awesome. HMS Pop up Productions aka Mel Bainbridge, Harry Deluxe and Erin  Fuery are incredibly talented and organised and can basically make good things happen. The band and I are looking forward to a Rumble in the Underground  (another one of their mega productions),  on the 23rd November in Theatre Underground STCWA, come along this is going to be a hoot!!!     



I did a fun little gig recently for some girlfriends of mine, who are walking 100kms in 48hrs to raise money for OxfamThe Sole Mamas organised an 80’s themed fundraiser. The whole night was hilarious.  We spent more time in hair and make-up  than we did on stage. Most of the crowd were in their 40’s, and were completely comfortable reliving some of the greatest musical and fashionable moments of their lives.  It was a pleasure to rock the stage with Mama Kin, Anna Wallwork and Stella Cain.  

If you want to donate go to;  www.oxfamtrailwalkers.org.au 

And lastly, I went to see Conversations with Ghosts by Paul Kelly and James Ledger at the Perth Concert Hall the other night. It was mind blowingly beautiful. I had never heard anything like it. The compositions and lyrics were breathtaking!  Do yourself a favour and buy the CD or better still see the gig next time it tours. 


Thanks for stopping by my friends 

Loving you x