New launch date - 17th and 18th April @ The Fremantle Arts Centre

It’s come to my attention (thanks FAC) that I haven’t updated my blog in a while and that people have started to enquire as to booking tickets for the launch on 14th Feb, BUT we’ve moved the date to Sat 18th April (with the 17th also available if we sell out) as we weren’t quite ready to release it. I’m sorry for the inconvenience people (and for being slack) I’m hoping you’re all able to make the launch on the 18th April at the Fremantle Arts Centre.

The reason I’ve been so distracted and forgot all about the launch date is I’ve been savoring every moment of the making of this album. This process has filled me with joy for the last two years and we’re just about at the end of it. After that we hand it over to you guys.

The album is sounding beautiful and I’m beyond happy with it. The love and commitment of the players we invited to be involved is heard from the start to the finish. I'm very chuffed to have the legendary Ian Moss playing on the album. He was so generous and enthusiastic and played his butt off. We all loved watching him work. I’ve just finished all the vocals. All went down very smoothly with not too much self doubt at all. 

I can’t even begin to talk about the work of Dave Brewer. I tear up every time. He’s just unbelievable! Great musician, wonderful producer and dear friend. Ill save the rest for the liner notes. Working with Pete Grandison of Shanghai Twang studios has also been a bloody blessing. He's great to work with and I recommend anyone looking for a studio/engineer to get in touch.

 Right now a couple of tunes are being mixed by the great Greg J Walker (Paul Kelly) and we should have them back by then end of the week…. exciting!!! After that we go in for the final mix and master, finalize all the artwork etc. And start promotion and publicity eeeekkk (my least favorite part of the gig).

So my friends that’s the latest update. Hope to see you all on the 18th (maybe 17th) and let me share the joy with you.

Oh and there are a few shows coming up. You'll find details on the show page. 

See ya friends. x