Hello friends and family,

Finally the sun has come back to shine on us fair( and not so fair!) citizens of Perth! The return of the sun has kicked me into gear with a great line up of gigs coming up in next couple of months. On Saturdays it’s the Blues and Roots day at Kings Park. http://www.bgpa.wa.gov.au/index.php?option=com_eventlist&view=details&id=870&Itemid=370

I’m grateful to get to play with the amazing Lucky Oceans and of course my usual awesome band buddies Dave Brewer, Ric Eastman and Roy Martinez  will be helping out. Oh and occasionally the incredible Mr Ben Vanderwal. These guys are phenomenal musicians! If success was based on talent these guys would be getting around in stretch limos not schlepping their gear around with me. A career in music is a harsh mistress!!

Next Sunday (7th October) I get to hang out with the super cool Howie Morgan. Howie’s laid back style belies his serious talent; beautiful man, beautiful music. As soon as I know where the gig is I’ll tell you. Ring me Howie!!

It’s also time to give the set list a bit of a shake up and I’m reworking a great track from the late James Freud, a band buddy of mine from the early 90’s ( I was 8 at the time!). Its achingly beautiful and needs to be heard again.

See you soon wonderful people. Peace and love-Nat.