Well, after weeks of crapping myself the lines are finally starting to sink in! I’m looking forward to opening night for the debut season of “A Saucy Little Secret” with a mixture of nervous anticipation and growing excitement. Playing Ethel Waters a brown skinned, sassy and sexy songstress isn’t too much of a stretch for me (my boyfriend wrote that) but memorizing the 15-minute monologue and three blues tunes was a different matter!

Feeling relatively confidant now and can’t wait to see my fellow musicians rip up the stage. The beautiful Odette Mercy who plays the tuxedo clad “Gladys Bently” is wonderful and has become a lovely friend. Libby Hammer as the ballsy “Bessie Smith” is a bloody hoot and she loves to have a bit of an “act”. All the girls are doing a great job in portraying these extraordinary strong women. It’s been a privilege to get inside the lives of these women and at times identifying with them.

If you haven’t already got tickets get over to http://www.ellingtonjazz.com.au/index.php/schedule/month/08/show/1977 and grab yourself a table and feel free to dress up 1920’s style and become apart of this decadent Harlem Renaissance era.

It’s been great seeing such an amazing production coming together in little old Perth!

Hopefully some new developments on the website soon!

Peace and love-Natalie